What’s The SBC

The Spryfield Business Commission’s vision and mission statement is to “Advocate the interests of local business in building a stronger community”. The Commission measures its success by the partnerships and relationships established in the community. The Commission has established a good reputation in the community and has become recognized by local residents and the Municipality as an organization “that can get things done” in the community.

Aims & Goals

The initial aims of previous “Business Associations” in the community were to protect the area and correct false statements about Spryfield, to network with businesses, to address issues of the day that were affecting businesses, and to serve for the betterment of the community with the hopes that they would bring more business to the Spryfield area. These aims remain the same for the “Spryfield and District Business Commission” formed in 2003.  In 2016 the Board of Directors for the Commission put forth a motion to amend the name of the Spryfield and District Business Commission and to update the Brand. This was passed and we are now known as the Spryfield Business Commission.

By fostering its relationships with Municipal and Provincial political representatives and staff at Halifax Regional Municipality the Commission has been able to create an attitude of government support for positive community change. It is this “new attitude” by government that will bridge the gap between deficiencies in the community and solutions to betterment.

Acheivements & Activities

  • Helped encourage the Municipality to designate Spryfield as a “District Centre” within the Halifax Regional Municipal 25-Year Development Plan, a move which gives the community a higher profile at HRM.
  • Provided encouragement for and input to the 2005 “Herring Cove Streetscape and Planning Study”, a document which will help guide the Municipality toward positive change in the community.
  • Encouraged and subsequently worked with leaders at the Greater Halifax Partnership, HRM’s Economic Development arm, to create a “Business Case for Spryfield”
  • In 2006 the Commission produced the first ever “Spryfield Business Directory”, gathering more than 230 businesses in a single document distributed to more than 12,000 residents as a project to encourage citizens to “Come Home To Shop”.
  • The Commission worked with HRM in 2006 to undertake an “Anti-Graffiti Program”, educating businesses about the damages caused by graffiti, undertaking a community-wide clean-up of graffiti, and offering tips to business on how to remove graffiti: The Commission has also created a “Casino Night Anti-Graffiti Fundraiser” to raise funds for an ongoing anti-graffiti program.
  • The Commission has over four years undertaken the responsibility for cleaning a vacant piece of unused centrally located property as a “Community Improvement and Anti-Litter Project”.