Spryfield Village Harvest Festival How to Make a Scarecrow handout

– a 5 foot and an 8 foot pole (e.g. tree saplings, 2 x 2’s, rake handles, mop handles)
– pillow case for head
– stuffing (e.g. dry leaves, hay, straw, crumpled newspaper in plastic bags)
– lots of large safety pins
– sturdy twine or heavy string
– clothing
– markers to draw face features
– other items for decorating your scarecrow


1.  Cut off 4 strips of fabric from the open end of pillowcase to remove excess fabric.

2.  Stuff head and push it onto one end of the longer pole, so that the top of the pole reaches the top of the head. Use safety pins to fold the corners and round off the top of the head (or use a sewing machine to create a rounded head).

3.   On the long pole, mark where the arms should go and attach the smaller pole as a crosspiece. Wind sturdy twine in a figure of 8 pattern to secure the poles to each other.

4. Slide a long-sleeved shirt up the pole and pin the neck of the shirt to the head.

5.  Insert the end of the long pole into one leg of a pair of pants or skirt and attach the waistband to the shirt with safety pins.

6.  Tie the bottom of the legs closed (using two of the strips of cloth, or twine), and stuff both legs.

7.  Tie the wrists of the shirt to the pole and stuff the arms, then the neck and shoulder area, and then down to the waist.

8.  Add a bandana or scarf around the neck. Draw a face on the head. Add jewelry or any other items you like to enhance your scarecrow.

9.  Push the long stake into the ground, or position your scarecrow any way you like.

Download Spryfield Village Harvest Festival How to Make a Scarecrow handout here.