Spryfield Village Harvest Festival 2013

Harvest Festival Coming To Spryfield Village This Fall!

spryfield-harvest-festivalThe excitement is growing as plans come together for the first annual “Spryfield Village Harvest Festival”.

The Spryfield and District Business Commission (SDBC) in partnership with the Spryfield YWCA and the Spryfield Urban Farm have formed a steering committee to begin the process of developing this event.

Bruce Holland, Chair of the Festival committee said, “already, just by word of mouth we have individuals volunteering, businesses asking to be sponsors and other community groups and organization from around the entire Sambro loop asking how they can get involved and participate”. “It is heart warming to see this level of interest so early in the planning stage”, said Mr. Holland.

So far the plan is to have the event run over three weeks starting with the official kick off on September 21st, ending with the Grand Finale on October 5th. The Spryfield Urban Farm will host the kick off with a Farm Fair featuring local produce and local food along with many other activities. The Festival will wrap up with a Grand Finale featuring a Family Fun Day, a Spryfield Idol Contest and a dance, featuring local talent.

Our goal is to have the focus on local food and the community, which we consider to be the entire “Sambro Loop”. We are asking local Churches, Service Clubs, Sports Clubs, and other volunteer organizations and businesses to participate by hosting their own fund raising events or sales over the three week period with the Harvest Festival promoting and advertising their events as part of the Festival.

A highlight of the three week Festival will be a “Harvest Festival Decorating Contest” where homeowners, apartment dwellers and business owners can decorate their properties in a Fall/Harvest theme with awards and certificates given to those who participate.

This is a great opportunity to show pride in our community. To get involved as a volunteer, become a sponsor or enter your group’s event, tournament, pot luck, bake sale, yard sale, community dinner, or any other event, please contact us by e-mail at sdbc@eastlink.ca or by telephone at 452-7472.

Spryfield Village Harvest Festival Sponsor Letter