SDBC Landscaper Challenge Update

The SDBC Landscaper Challenge has been a big hit with the general public! We have received an extraordinary amount of positive feedback on the planter boxes and how much they have improved the look of things around the business district.

On behalf of the SDBC Board of Directors I would like to thank the Landscaper Businesses who participated in the “Challenge” and they are;
Green Roots Landscaping
Rolls Yard Maintenance
Blade Lawn Care
Duel Properties
Landworks Property Services
Dan’s Tree and Landscaping Services

The beauty of the “Challenge” (no pun intended) is that they will be there for years to come. The SDBC has an annual beautification program and now that the boxes are in it will be a regular part of the program.

Many thanks go out to Councillor Adams and Councillor Mosher who helped out with some of the capital costs. I would also like to thank our Treasurer, Eric Caines, who came up with the “Landscaper Challenge” idea.

Watch for the next issue of the Chebucto News when the winner of the “Challenge” will be announced!Blade Landscpaing edit