Membership Benefits


The mission of the SBC – Spryfield Business Commission is “To advocate the interests of local businesses in building a stronger community”.

There are three significant benefits to being a member of the SBC.

Networking & promotion

The first is the SBC’s policy to use, promote and refer local businesses whenever possible. We believe this policy has had a positive bottom line effect on our member businesses in recent years.

Through our quarterly networking events we are able to connect many local businesses and have witnessed local partnerships evolve, resulting in a significant increase in the use of local products and services.

Our “Buy Local” program promotes local businesses by advocating to the community to “Buy Local”.

Marketing & Advertising

The second significant benefit is a presence on the SBC’s new web site ( Each member of the SBC receives a presence on our web site home page (a value of $80.00), is included in our business directory and receives a link to the member business web site.

In this age of electronic commerce this is a significant tool to grow your business.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits is to give our member businesses a collective strong voice to lobby all levels of government on issues of importance to the members.

Not the least of which is to lobby for lower commercial/business taxes.

While these are some of the more significant benefits the SBC is active in dealing with the day-to-day issues of importance to our member businesses.

The SBC invites all those interested in advancing the community in partnership with the business commission to contact us at 902-452-7472 or by e-mail at